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Concrete Cancer Repair Specialists in Brisbane

When buildings are constructed using concrete, the process includes reinforced steel poles being embedded in the structure for extra strength. Concrete cancer is when that steel begins to corrode or rust - and without proper repairs, your Brisbane property could rapidly degrade.


As the steel rusts, it will expand and place pressure on the structure from the inside. From the outside, you may not notice any damage at all. But internally, your structure could be cracking, splitting and becoming weaker by the minute. Left unchecked, this condition can cause entire walls and structures to collapse with catastrophic results.


The process for these kinds of repairs is exponential. As the steel cracks the material, it allows air and water to infiltrate the structure and expedite the degradation of your structure. That is why it is vital to call in the experts at the first sign of any cracking because your structure might already be unsafe.

What is concrete cancer repair?


It sounds scary - and it should. The real safety hazards of this sense of danger can place your family, employees and customers at great risk so concrete cancer repair should be a priority for your Brisbane property.


The repair process is incredibly delicate, this is not a job you can DIY with a filler from the local hardware store. Your structure needs to be properly examined using advanced technology including GPR scanning to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate repair method.


The first method involves removing the damaged areas and the rust and applying a primer to the steel reinforcement along with a polymer. The steel is then treated with a protective coating to prevent future rust and corrosion. If the problem is more severe, cathodic protection might be required. This is the same technique to repair steel that is submerged underwater.


In extreme cases, demolition and replacement might be required. So if you see any cracking in the walls of your structure, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately on 1300 663 613 to arrange an inspection and guidance on the best practice for your concrete cancer repair in Brisbane.

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