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Road Sawing Brisbane

Need an expert team to help assess and break down your concrete slab? Working with private property owners, commercial clients, and public service sectors alike, Precise Cut and Core is one of Southeast Queensland’s go-to concrete cutting teams.


With the experience, equipment, and team needed to efficiently and safely get the job done, our clients rely on us to break down and remove even the toughest jobs. With no minimum or maximum project capacity, we can take on jobs no matter the size.


New to road sawing? Read on to learn more about this specialised service and what tools, equipment, and techniques we rely on to get the job done.


Road Sawing 101

One of the go-to industry services relied on when constructing walkways, pedestrian pathways, and bridges and public thoroughfares, road sawing services show up in most major concrete projects.


Designed to cut through flat asphalt and solid concrete surfaces, road sawing can help efficiently and safely cut through large-scale concrete slabs. With alternative tools and techniques available to handle sensitive materials and hazardous projects, Precise Cut and Core can assess your project and rely on the following to get the job done:


  • Fumeless electric road saws

  • Diesel road saws for service stations and petroleum facilities


Beyond road sawing, our team has the experience and qualifications needed to handle wire sawing and hand sawing for hard-to-reach places. Fully equipped and capable of handling every aspect of jobs big and small, no job is off limits for the Precise Cut and Core team.


Experts in Concrete Cutting and Road Sawing


From residential property concrete slabs to public bridges and commercial buildings alike, our concrete cutting in Brisbane knows no bounds. From the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, we can come in, assess your project location, and give you a reliable cost quote and timeline. Once approved, we can take care of the hard work needed to get your concrete disposed of so you can save both time and money.

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