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Hand Sawing Brisbane

Go-to experts in Southeast Queensland for all things concrete core drilling in Brisbane. Precise Cut and Core specialises in hand sawing whenever needed to get the job done.


New to the concreting industry? Read on to learn more about the tools and equipment we use for safe, effective, and efficient hand sawing jobs and what makes the Precise Cut and Core different than the rest.

Hand Sawing Experts


When time and access is limited, hand sawing is a go-to service we rely on to get in and get the job done. Particularly helpful when handling brick and concrete cutting, we turn to hand sawing and the following techniques when:


  • Working with limited time and space

  • Dealing with doors, windows, and service ducts

  • Particular focus needs to be given to trapped petroleum fumes–this is when hydraulic drilling comes into play

  • Petrol, hydraulic, and high frequency electric power supplies are an option.

  • Cutting through depths up to 150mm deep.


From core concrete cutting to hydraulic hand sawing, our team follows all WHS and Australian industry standards to undertake jobs no matter how big or small. With the latest technology and equipment needed to tackle the task at hand, our experts can support hand sawing projects across commercial, residential, and public sector projects alike.


Precise Cut & Core’s Hand Sawing Specialists


Precise Cut and Core believes that there are better ways to cut concrete–and we’re on a mission to make it happen. Committed to delivering exceptional quality and staying on time and on budget, our clients turn to our cutting experts regardless of the job at hand.

We can work in confined spaces and handle fumes while maintaining complete industry and WHS compliance when it comes to our hand sawing, wire sawing, and road sawing capabilities.


From the Gold Coast up to the Sunshine Coast, we service Southeast Queensland with a professional and highly capable team. Following a compliant Safety Management System and dedicated to actioning Worksafe guidelines, partnering with Precise Cut and Core means safe, effective, and seamless concrete cutting solutions.

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