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We currently have 2 demolition robots in our fleet. Using the Husqvarna DXR140 and DXR300 we are able to tackle the most difficult of demolition jobs. Robotic demolition has extensive benefits to our clients including;

  • Can complete jobs inside or outside. Our robots use 3phase electric power. No fumes!

  • Our DXR140 robot has a weight of 985kg and a width of 77cms it can fit through doorways and fit in high-rise lifts - making this unit extremely versatile. 

  • Our DXR300 has an impressive 5.2m reach and is still only 78cms wide, meaning it can also fit through doorways, more impressively, it can be driven up stairs as well. 

  • Both our machines are equipped with the hammer, crusher and bucket. Making demolition any job an easy task. 

  • The machines are very quiet, and if noise or vibration is an issue, utilising the crusher means there is little to no noise or vibration at all.

  • Dust suppression - We take the health and safety of our staff and those onsite very seriously. Both our robots are fitted with a dust suppression kit, meaning they spray water whilst hammering or crushing to help minimise the dust in the air. 

    We have used our robots to demolish; walls, suspended slabs, stairwells, bank safes, concrete swimming pools and concrete columns, If you want it gone, we make it happen! 

Robotic Demolition Gallery

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