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Always check before you cut or core!


GPR scanners are the ultimate safeguard for concrete cutting, coring and demolition. We use the latest in technology, utilising the GSSI StructureScan - a world leader in this form of equipment and manufacturing processes.

This solution is a safe and non-destructive way to evaluate concrete structures and determine the elements within them. Our professional concrete scan will provide a detailed, easy to read and understand report for you to provide to your engineer and construction team. 

The benefits of concrete scanning

  • Determine the location of rebar, post-tension cables, conduits

  • Determine any voids in slab and real-time slab depth

  • Detection of live power, single and 3phase

  • Quick and cost-effective

  • No downtime or structure damage and minimises possible worker injury

  • It is safe - GPR scanners emit no radiation, operators and nearby workers are under no harm

Precise Cut & Core has the latest advances in this space at our Brisbane workshop and our work vans. In addition, our team has been highly trained to use it effectively and understand what it reveals. Our concrete scanning service includes the latest innovations in software analysis tools that will rapidly examine the data and deliver almost instant results.


Our team is highly experienced using our GPR scanner technologies and we have deployed this form of technology across a range of projects to determine whether the concrete is structurally sound and to locate hidden plumbing conduits and electrical wiring. Safety is our priority and this type of solution ensures there are no surprises when we cut or drill into the concrete.

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